The 2017 ARRIS Racing Season in Mexico

From the start, ARRIS Racing has shared a passion for developing young talent in racing, alongside Carlos Slim Domit and Escudería. ARRIS is continuing its support of young Latin American drivers—renewing its sponsorship of Abraham Calderón, who last season won the Freightliner Truck Series in Mexico, and sponsoring 21-year-old Mexican driver Fabián Welter, who is currently Driver 1 in the Telmex® Driver Development Program.

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The first race will be here soon!

Fabian Welter Ruiz

Fabian Welter Ruiz is currently Driver 1 in the Telmex® Driver Development Program.

He is from Mexico City and started his racing experience with Karting in 2003. In 2010, he began testing and preparation for Formula VEE 1800 and winning Rookie of the Year the following year. Since then, He has won various titles including: the 2015 Nascar Stock V6 testing Escuderia Telmex Champion, 2015 and 2016 Driver 1 Nascar DD Program by Jimmy Morales and Alejandro Suarez, the 2017 GPI Karting International Race Champion.


Abraham Calderon Cardoza
NASCAR México Toyota Series

Abraham Calderón started racing in the local karting series in his hometown, Monterrey, Mexico, in 1998 when he was 8 years old. In his first season in the Junior I Series, Calderón won first place in three races and third place in three others. The following year, he won the Junior I Series championship.

In 2000, Calderón moved up to the Yamaha Sportsman series, but was only able to participate in a few races because he moved during the season. The following year, he received third place in the series and won the 2001 International Karting Race.

In 2002, he won the Yamaha Sportsman Championship and the 2002 International Karting Race. Calderón joined the new Volkswagen Sport Series in 2003, enjoying the change of pace and a chance to improve his skills. His team received 4th place in their first season and moved into the highest category of the series for the 2004 season. The change in power and suspension bar levels in the higher category was not a problem for Calderón, who won the championship in his first season at that level.
With growing sponsor support and ambition, Calderón moved into the national T4 series in 2005. The following season, they won the T4 national championship.

They joined the NASCAR Mexico Series in 2007, receiving three top 10 awards after a bumpy start. In 2009, Calderón changed teams and improved his record to one top 5 and six top 10 finishes.  The next year, they moved to SC Racing and placed a disappointing 13th for the season. Calderón finished in the top 10 in the 2011 season and placed in the top 3 twice, the top 5 twice and the top 10 seven times in the 2012 season.

In 2013, he won the NASCAR Mexico Series race in Phoenix, Arizona, and placed in the top 3 once and the top 10 twice in the second half of the season.  For the last six races of 2013, he had the opportunity to be part of ´Escuderia Telmex where he had one top 5 and the three top 10 finishes.  In 2014, Calderón took first in the NASCAR Mexico Toyota Series Championship, with the #2 Silent Circle - Blackphone – Telcel.

2017 Race Calendar

  1. Monterrey: March 24-26, Circle Track
  2. San Luís Potosí: April 22-23, Oval Track
  3. Puebla: May 12-14, Circle Track
  4. Guadalajara: June 2-4, Oval Track
  5. León: June23-25, Circle Track
  6. Aguascalientes: July 14-16, Oval Track
  7. Pachuca: August 4-6, Circle Track
  8. Querétaro: August 19-20, Oval Track
  9. Guadalajara: September 8-10, Circle Track
  10. Tuxtla: September 30-October 1, Oval Track
  11. Puebla: October 14-15, Oval Track
  12. Mexico City: November 10-12, Circle Track



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