Surf Faster with SURFboard Cable Modems

The Internet brings us together. It lets us experience the wealth of our global community with friends, family, and the entire world. If you want an unmatched Internet experience, look no further than ARRIS SURFboard modems. We’re the industry standard and the world’s standard—with over 175 million ARRIS modems sold.

ARRIS continuously evolves the SURFboard product line to deliver the fastest download speeds available.

When you choose an ARRIS SURFboard, you’re joining a 60-year legacy of innovation from the company that invented digital TV and brought wireless Internet into the home with the first cable modem gateway. The same company that the world’s leading service providers choose to connect millions of people around the world to the Internet.

Power your home with ARRIS SURFboard modems and networking products for the ultimate surfing experience!

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ARRIS Wi-Fi® Technology Helps Fuel growth and Speed at Joe Gibbs Racing

Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) has been growing at leaps and bounds as the success of their race teams continue to dominate NASCAR. This growth has meant adding to the key components of the business in the form of new employees and new technology and machinery.  As the business grew by hundreds of employees and thousands of new devices, JGR’s existing Wi-Fi Network had aged and become increasingly unreliable. 

Jim Foley, CTO of JGR recognized that the need for Wi-Fi capabilities has evolved from a “nice to have” aspect for employees that are more mobile across their facilities, to now being “business critical” in the operations and production of race cars. ARRIS designed and deployed a Wi-Fi solution that not only provides high speed coverage throughout the Cup and Xfinity shops and the aviation facilities, but also provides a network that is fully redundant, future proof and supported 24x7 by the ARRIS professional services team, ensuring that Joe Gibbs Racing remains ahead of the curve. 

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