The #19 ARRIS Pit Crew

Daniel Suarez photo
Daniel Suárez

Scott Graves photo

Scott Graves
Crew Chief
Gene Wachtel photo
Gene Wachtel

Lee Hallman image

Lee Hallman

James Dudley image

James Dudley
Engine Specialist

Zack Miller image

Zack Miller
Interior Mechanic

Dave Photo

Dave Rudy
Front End Mechanic

Ron Denton Photo

Ron Denton
Shock Specialist

Kenneth Purcell photo

Kenneth Purcell

 Jamie Turski photo

Jamie Turski
Tire Specialist

 Trey Burklin photo

Trey Burklin

 Clay Robinson Photo

Clay Robinson
Front Tire Changer

Adam Hartman photo

Adam Hartman
Rear Tire Changer

Kevin Harris photo

Kevin Harris
Front Tire Carrier

Matt VerMeer photo

Matt VerMeer
Rear Tire Carrier

Ben Surface photo

Ben Surface
Pit Support

Scott Wood photo

Scott Wood
Pit Support

Kyle Bazzell photo

Kyle Bazzell
Transport Driver

Jeffery Icenhour photo

Jeffery Icenhour
Transport Driver
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