Targeted Multiscreen Solutions

The tools you need to enable new revenue opportunities from deeply personalized video experiences and highly targeted advertising that can be generated and inserted in real time – on any screen.

Targeted Multiscreen Advertising

The Challenge

With the continued proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and streaming devices, more and more service providers and programmers/broadcasters are grappling with the challenges of establishing a multi-screen presence for their Television services and monetizing these services through targeted ad insertion to ensure long-term profitability.

Supporting the sheer number and variety of devices used by subscribers ranging from iOS, to Android, to Roku, to PlayStation, can fast become a daunting task because of the variety of the client environments and the Adaptive Bit Rates protocols to support, including HLS, HSS, and DASH.

In order to drive the highest value out of multiscreen services, service providers and programmers need the ability target customers not only based on gender, age, and location, but also on what subscribers watch, what they click on and other unique profile characteristics, without violating subscriber privacy.  The challenges posed by these imperatives involve the need to ensure seamless and high-quality insertion of advertisements, as well as the need to precisely measure and report ad impressions for campaign efficacy and billing.

Beyond the need for personalization, an effective strategy to support targeted ad insertion must also acknowledge the need to curb widely accessible ad blocking technologies.

ARRIS's Solution: MDC

ARRIS' MDC is a network-based solution for personalized advanced ABR video applications that enables service providers and programmers to monetize multiscreen services at scale by enabling session-based manifest customization allowing the client to pull video segments directly from the CDN. MDC supports both HLS and DASH, as well as ad insertion on Live, VOD, and Time-Shifted TV applications.

The MDC ensures the smooth delivery of video segments by ensuring proper stitching and enables policies to prevent ad blocking. By supporting any HLS or DASH client, it significantly reduces the time required integrate and launch services and eases the ability to support new IP-connected devices.

A proven solution powering some of the largest deployments to date, ARRIS's MDC supports industry standard interfaces such as SCTE 130-3 and VMAP/VAST along with extensive parameter customization with the ability to route between multiple Ad Decision Services and redirect to third party ad servers. The MDC supports the major Ad Decision Services and third-party packager solutions as well as supporting a wide array of clients and DRM solutions.

To deliver measurability and accountability, the MDC not only provides support for multiple modes of impression reporting, with many tunable options but also reports on the complete lifecycle of each session, giving operators the data to precisely analyze consumer behavior within both the content and the ads.

ARRIS’ MDC is network-based solution for personalized advanced ABR video applications


ARRIS advertising solutions provide a number of advantages including:

  • Integration with a large ecosystem of transcoders / packagers, ADSs, clients, DRMs etc. speeding time to market
  • Extensive feature set including:
    • Multi-ADS Routing with flexible policies based on channel, client type, avail
    • Wrapper redirect using VAST
    • Ability to pass rich context through advanced targeting attributes to ADS
    • Extensive ad and session data with delivery/export APIs
    • Flexible ad impression reporting interfaces
  • Built for scalability and High Availability:
    • No application single point of failure
    • Support for deployment on virtualized environments
    • Ability to add more instances to scale infinitely
    • Offload to CDN as last resort to avoid any session denial

With ARRIS’s MDC, service providers and programmers can increase the value of their multiscreen services by offering truly contextual ads that drive more customer engagement and help advertisers gain more insight in how to plan their campaigns, exploiting extensive ad and content usage data to better understand their own customers and drive new opportunities, like ad retargeting, and driving more personalized services to their customers.

In this case study, we examine how one of the largest video service providers in the world is delivering personalized advertising to these multiscreen viewers by using an advanced platform that leverages innovative ARRIS solutions.

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