ARRIS at Broadband world forum 2016

A Discussion: Enabling the Gigabit Home

At Broadband World Forum 2016, ARRIS hosted a lively breakfast panel debate on the future of gigabit services in Europe: Gigabit Home, Orchestrator or Conductor? How delivering a whole home connected experience is key for bottom line growth and customer retention. 

We brought together some of the leading architects of the gigabit home from major European operators, to debate the commercial and technological challenges and opportunities for the industry. One thing was clear: although the majority of subscribers might not care about what tech is used to deliver their services, they have high expectations about the quality of service they receive.

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it – we shot this series of 360o videos with some of our panel straight after the event. Join the huddle and get the inside track from the show floor in the series of video highlights on the right. We encourage you to watch the videos in full screen mode, to fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Connecting the dots for an IoT future at Broadband World Forum
Ian Wheelock, Engineering Fellow, presented on "Leverage current and future gateway devices to unify the disaggregated smart home dilemma" durring The Connected Consumer Stream at Broadband World Forum

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Taking smart home services to the mass market
Analysis from Videonet

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Can ARRIS fix the Smart Home dilemma?
How to use existing home gateways as the enabler for advanced services and Internet of Things (IoT) support in the home.

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