1310nm Transmitter PWRLink II
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1310nm Transmitter PWRLink II

PWL 4100S/4100T and PWL 4200S


The ARRIS PWRLink® II is a family of 1 GHz DFB laser transmitters for advanced broadband networks. Designed for our HLP 4800 broadband platform, the PWRLink II PWL 4100S (NTSC) and PWL 4100T (PAL) modules can operate alone in local distribution and narrowcasting applications, or in combination with our externally modulated transmitter family for complete system solutions.

PWL 4100 modules are very compact, with 10 fitting into a single 3-RU HLP 4800 frame via the HMC 4000 module carrier adapter. They are intelligent and easy to configure by means of the user-friendly interface, enabling setup in minutes.

The PWRLink II PWL 4200S 1310-nm DFB laser transmitter modules are very compact, with 20 modules fitting into a single 3-RU HLP 4800 broadband platform, helping to optimize headend real estate. With a wide selection of available models, providers pay only for the power level required for a specific link. Broadcast and narrowcast inputs are both provided on the transmitter to simplify the RF combining network, and the transmitter's low power consumption holds down operating costs to maximize a service provider's return on investment.

Details for 1310nm Transmitter PWRLink II

PWRLink II PWL 4100 features

  • Offers a wide range of performance levels to meet specific system requirements
  • Integrated RF pre-amplifier reduces transmitter drive-level requirements
  • Advanced predistortion circuitry and algorithm for both CTB and CSO
  • Integrated element management with SNMP compatibility

PWRLink II PWL 4200S features

  • Compact size enables 20 modules to fit in a 3-RU platform
  • Dual ports: one broadcast, one narrowcast
  • Blind-mate RF connectors for streamlined module insertion and removal
  • Flexible monitoring and control via HTTP web GUI or SNMP


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