EDFAs FA4500 Series
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EDFAs FA4500 Series


The ARRIS family of FA4500 series optical amplifiers are extremely compact EDFAs that allow operators to use 1550 nm analog and DWDM transmitters to deliver high-quality broadcast and digital narrowcast content over significant transmission distances.

FA4512, FA4514, and FA4517 EDFAs are single-width plug-in modules that provide nominal output power levels of 12, 14 or 17 dBm, respectively.

The FA4521S, FA4522S-01, and FA4524S-01 EDFAs are high-output amplifiers with an output power limiting function that limits the optical output power to a maximum 21.5 dBm to comply with requirements for Class 1M laser products. The FA4522S-01 and FA4524S-01 feature dual high level outputs (19 dBm per output on the FA4522S-01 and 21 dBm per output on the FA4524S-01). These two EDFAs also feature an ASE muting function that will prevent the amplification and transmission of "spontaneous emissions" (i.e., primarily circuit noise) in the absence of an acceptable input signal level. This function may be disabled or enabled and, if enabled, the threshold at which the function is activated (to shut down pump laser currents) can be set by remote management software. (An automatic recovery to normal operation occurs once input power has returned to a level approximately 0.8 dB above the threshold.)

The FA4527S-01 is a high output amplifier that also features an output power limiting function. This high performance amplifier features eight high level outputs (18 dBm per output). The FA4527S-01 also includes an ASE muting function that will prevent the amplification of spontaneous emission, in the absence of an acceptable input signal level, and functions as described above.

Details for EDFAs FA4500 Series

  • Output power levels (per port):
    • 12, 14, 17 dBm (FA4512, FA4514, FA4517)
    • 18 dBm (8 ports of FA4527S-01)
    • 19 dBm (2 ports of FA4522S-01)
    • 21 dBm (FA4521S, 2 ports of FA4524S-01)
  • User-selectable Constant Current or Constant Gain mode of operation (Constant Current mode only for FA4524S-01 and FA4527S-01)
  • ASE muting function (FA4522S-01, FA4524S-01, FA4527S-01)
  • Low noise figure
  • Optical path isolation (input and output)
  • Remote status monitoring and control


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