Element Management CX3002
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Element Management CX3002

Communications Module


The CX3002 Communications Module with its built-in web server permits remote web-based monitoring and management with graphical user interfaces and functionality that mirror the family of Opti-Trace™ applications.

This capability enables cable engineers and technicians to use an Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Safari® browser to configure and monitor modules in the CH3000 Chassis from any location, and also extends support to popular hand-held devices such as the Apple® iPhone®. With these capabilities, technical staff can check the integrity of their systems from any PC, anywhere, and are not tied to computers that have been previously pre-configured with special software. Mounted on top of any power supply module, the CX3002 monitors the chassis mid-plane alarm line and does not require a dedicated slot in the chassis.

The CX3002 maintains a separate cache of status and configuration information for each active CH3000 module during runtime. It also provides automatic healing so that power-down failure will not affect communications within a daisy-chain of remaining CX3002s.

Details for Element Management CX3002

  • SNMP proxy agent monitors modules in CH3000 Chassis and external equipment
  • Easy integration with any standard SNMP-compliant NMS
  • Provides status, alarms, configuration and SNMP hosts traps
  • Embedded web server for web-based management of CH3000 Chassis
  • Instruments standards-based SCTE HMS Alarms framework
  • Supports the ARRIS Opti-Trace family of management software and third party software over a standard IP network
  • Two 10BaseT ports; second port supports daisy-chaining of CX3002 modules in multiple chassis
  • No additional chassis slot required (mounts on top of any power supply module from rear of chassis)
  • Field upgradeable software


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