Full Spectrum SUPRALink SPL 7210S
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Full Spectrum SUPRALink SPL 7210S


Designed as a universal replacement transmitter, SUPRALink SPL 7210S modules are designed to address a wide variety of broadcast and narrowcast architectures, including full-band single-wavelength and full-band, narrowcast and all-QAM DWDM. The transmitters are very compact, with 20 modules fitting into a single 3-RU HLP 4800 broadband platform, helping to optimize headend real estate. Their low power consumption holds down operating costs to maximize the return on a service provider's capital investment.

Details for Full Spectrum SUPRALink SPL 7210S

  • Compact size enables 20 modules to fit in a 3-RU platform
  • DWDM technology optimizes HFC network bandwidth
  • Universal solution for network segmentation and Fiber Deep applications
  • Dual ports: one broadcast, one narrowcast
  • Blind-mate RF connectors for streamlined module insertion and removal
  • Flexible monitoring and control via HTTP web GUI or SNMP


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