Light-Plex Combiner OP3524
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Light-Plex Combiner OP3524


An active module that includes integrated remote optical power level monitoring and management

The OP3524 Light-Plex Optical Narrowcast Demux with BC-NC Combiner and integrated optical power level management is a combined narrowcast demultiplexer and broadcast/narrowcast combiner.

The OP3524 features four optical input ports (one carrying the DWDM narrowcast services and the other three for either a single four-way split or dual two-way splits of broadcast services) and five output ports (one narrowcast services pass-through port and four combined broadcast/narrowcast ports). Each OP3524 demultiplexes up to four DWDM wavelengths and is available in various wavelength combinations. Each narrowcast optical carrier is then combined with one of the common broadcast optical signals and passed to one of the four output ports. DWDM optical carriers whose wavelengths are not dropped by the demux are passed through to the DWDM output port.

The OP3524 occupies only one half-depth slot and eliminates most fiber jumpers normally associated with BC-NC combining, simplifying installation and reducing rack space requirements.

As new video and/or data carriers are added to the system, or as the configuration of the network is changed, the power levels of the optical carriers can change. To ensure optimal network performance, the optical power level management feature of the OP3524 allows power levels to be realigned remotely via SNMP interface to an element management system or locally via the chassis power supply display or local craft port interface.

Details for Light-Plex Combiner OP3524

  • Non service interrupting local and remote power level monitoring and management (setting narrowcast attentuation levels)
  • Simplifies installation and reduces rack space requirements
  • Eliminates most fiber jumpers normally associated with BC-NC combining


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