MBN100 STARLINE Mini-Bridger Optical Node
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MBN100 STARLINE Mini-Bridger Optical Node

1 GHz 2x2 Segmentable Node


The versatile ARRIS MBN100 optical node is an ideal compliment for evolving fiber-deep networks. It is equally suited for new fiber builds and extensions or cascade reductions as an amplifier-to node-conversion. The MBN100 provides operators with the flexibility to enable return segmentation in the future as demand increases, utilizing a wide variety of transmitter technologies. The MBN100 uses the same housing base as the ARRIS MB100 amplifier, so operators can leave the hard line coax cable in place when upgrading the amplifier to a node location.

Details for MBN100 STARLINE Mini-Bridger Optical Node

  • 1 GHz GaN technology delivers higher output and enhanced reliability for fiber deep designs
  • Supports CWDM, DWDM, and CORWave® multiwavelength technologies
  • SFP based 85 MHz digital return expands upstream bandwidth
  • Lid upgrades enable amplifiers to be seamlessly converted to nodes for cost saving cascade reductions

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