Passive OP45M8x/D8x DWDM
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Passive OP45M8x/D8x DWDM

8-channel Mux and Demux Modules


The ARRIS OP45M8x and OP45D8x series 8-channel DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers facilitate DWDM architectures. Each OP45M8x multiplexes up to eight DWDM wavelengths. Of the nine input ports, eight accept the inputs of individual narrowcast signals (via a common, industry-standard female MPO style connector), and the remaining port accepts the multiplexed DWDM input from prior modules in a cascade. The DWDM output port carries the combined, multiplexed signal of all narrowcast channels, and a -20 dB tap of the DWDM output signal provides a convenient test point.

The OP45D8x demultiplexer operates in comparable fashion, but in this case with the MPO connector serving to output the individual (up to eight) DWDM signals from a single DWDM input port, and any remaining narrowcast signals passed through a DWDM out cascade port. In this case the -20 dB test point is used to monitor the signal on the input port of the module.

Details for Passive OP45M8x/D8x DWDM

  • 8-channel optical mux and demux modules
  • Channels spaced on standard 100 GHz DWDM ITU grid
  • Flat-top passband
  • High optical isolation Mux and demux pair optimized for minimum combined insertion loss across all channels
  • Cascade ports permit mux/demux of up to 40 DWDM wavelengths across multiple modules
  • –20 dB test point on all modules


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