SSP-*Q STARLINE System Passives
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SSP-*Q STARLINE System Passives

1.2 GHz System Passives


The ARRIS SSP‐Q STARLINE System Passives are available in configurations including directional couplers, balanced and unbalanced splitters, and power inserters. These AC power‐passing, two‐way devices operate within an RF passband of 1.2 GHz and are enclosed in die‐cast 360 aluminum alloy housings that are equipped for strand and pedestal mounting. The SSP‐Q series employs a swivel center conductor seizure mechanism and a rotatable faceplate to ensure that users can configure the units in a variety of input/output and RF/AC combinations. These features provide users flexible installation options and reduce the need for cable loops. The SSP‐Q series is also equipped with shorting bars which can be removed for power blocking or replaced with fuses as needed.

Details for SSP-*Q STARLINE System Passives

  • Support DOCSIS® 3.1 expanded bandwidth up to 1218 MHz
  • Support existing install base with backward compatible faceplates
  • Superior flexibility in installation with rotatable faceplate and swivel center seizure mechanism
  • Easily configured to enable or block AC power as needed in the network
  • Protect valuable network equipment investment with optional heavy surge suppression in Power Inserter

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