CableVista Edge Decoder
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CableVista Edge Decoder


The CableVista Edge Decoder performs MPEG decoding, modulation and upconversion for up to 24 NTSC/PAL channels in a compact 1 RU chassis. It supports a variety of output card types in the same chassis, including RF NTSC/PAL and RF NTSC with Off-Air Reference. CableVista provides a digital simulcast network with the highest degrees of flexibility available. With numerous redundancy features, hot swappable components and flexible software, it is the key element for Digital Simulcast.

Details for CableVista Edge Decoder

  • Offers multiple output card types: MPEG to RF Channels (NTSC or PAL) or 1, 2, or 4 channels per RF port
  • Provides EAS support as per SCTE 18
  • Includes VITS insertion
  • Features Modular chassis that fits up to 6 output cards and can provide up to 12 RF channels decoded in 1 RU (mixing output cards different types in a single chassis is also possible)
  • Optimized For Gigabit Ethernet Networking


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