Customizable Conditional Access CASMR100
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Customizable Conditional Access CASMR100


CASMR100, based on a service-oriented architecture, is a conditional access system. It consists of a modular framework in which software plug-ins can be added to provide new functionality. CASMR100 features are versioned and released separately so the customer has the option of choosing and installing only the features that their business needs. CASMR provides secure access control for digital video distribution systems. In conjunction with DAC, it provides a wide variety of addressable functions including IPPV, subscription authorizations and interactive applications. Other supported functions include: DTA support; code download support for DTA, OCAP, IP and legacy; virtual channel maps; and detailed reporting.

Details for Customizable Conditional Access CASMR100

  • Provides DTA addressability
  • Contains DSM-CC carousel for DTA and OCAP code download
  • Includes improved bandwidth management
  • Offers IP code download
  • Delivers simplified legacy code download with new easy user interface


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