DSR-6400 Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder
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DSR-6400 Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder

MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 transcoder


The DSR-6400 series Integrated Receivers/Transcoders employ the ARRIS fourth generation transcoding technology, incorporating the very latest encoding advancements. The performance gains found in the DSR-6400 series deliver programmers and cable operators a premium distribution solution for even the most demanding video content.

Purposefully designed for scalability, the DSR-6400 series is available in configurations capable of transcoding from one up to four input services. The DSR-6400 series’ transcoding power supports simultaneous MPEG-2 HD and MPEG-2 SD output plus pass-through for each input service.

Packaged in a one-RU chassis, the DSR-6400 series comes equipped with industry standard input and output interfaces such as Gig-E and ASI that enable seamless connections to headend equipment. With advanced modulation support, the DSR-6400 series supports DVB-S2 8PSK to provide maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency.

Details for DSR-6400 Commercial Integrated Receiver/Transcoder

  • Up to 8 transcoded output services
  • Compatible with MPEG-4 HD, MPEG-4 SD and MPEG-2 HD video sources
  • Simultaneous HD and SD transport stream output for each HD input
  • Advanced modulation support with DVB-S2
  • Gig-E and ASI transport input and output
  • Eight RF inputs (L-Band)
  • AFD processing support
  • Composite video (DSR-6401) and dedicated OSD outputs
  • DigiCipher® II conditional access control
  • Ethernet port for SNMP and web browser monitoring and control
  • One-RU chassis design

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