Fiber on Demand DS4004U
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Fiber on Demand DS4004U

Enables delivery of fast Ethernet over fiber


The ARRIS DS4004U Fiber on Demand module enables delivery of Fast Ethernet over fiber.

On the network side, this module is fully compatible with ARRIS's high speed digital transport system and DWDM optical transport technology. The DS4004U can be used over dedicated fiber or can operate over existing digital return infrastructure, generating additional revenues from spare bandwidth in these systems.

The DS4004U features one high-speed Network Port and four Fast Ethernet Local Ports, all populated by SFP transceivers for ultimate flexibility and affordability. Each Local Port supports a 100Mbps full duplex wirespeed Ethernet link that is terminated at the customer premises.

The DS4004U includes a sophisticated add/drop multiplexing function to serve its 2.125 Gbps Network Port, supporting software controlled add/drop of traffic at 100Mbps granularity. This feature enables operators to add and drop only the amount of traffic required per site, conserving valuable bandwidth. The DS4004U also includes a Time Division Multiplexing function, serving the Local Ports to provide high degree of security, low jitter and latency, and wirespeed performance to every customer port.

Details for Fiber on Demand DS4004U

  • Services up to four customers per module, each with a dedicated wirespeed full duplex 100Base-FX optical Local Port
  • Time Division Multiplexing of traffic from the four Fast Ethernet Local Ports into the ARRIS high speed (2.125 Gbps) digital transport optical Network Port
  • All ports field configurable with a variety of SFP transceivers
  • Supports VoIP and other time-sensitive traffic with low latency and low delay variation (jitter)
  • Remotely managed via SNMP or Opti-Trace EMS
  • High degree of customer data security and isolation


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