NC2000 Network Controller
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NC2000 Network Controller

Management and control of services for DCX set-tops


The ARRIS Network Controller is a headend component for use in digital cable networks. The NC2000 supports large-scale interactive networks and communication between set-tops and the Application Server, as well as enabling such services as video-on-demand (VOD), catalog shopping, Web browsing, and email.

One of the main advantages of this architecture is that NCs supporting set-tops managed by different DACs can be configured to run on the same shelf.

Based on the original NC1500 design, each of the NC2000AM processors runs a single instance of the NC software and performs functions equivalent to an entire NC1500; as a result, a single NC2000 can provide the equivalent functionality of one to 12 NC1500s, depending on the number of slots available on the chassis for NC2000AMs.


Details for NC2000 Network Controller

  • Centralized management of network controllers
  • Capable of supporting over 1 million set-tops
  • Capacity portability
  • DC and AC power options
  • High availability with redundant power supplies, modules and network redundancy options
  • Consolidated network routing, which frees up valuable switch ports

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