Offline Loader OLL1000
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Offline Loader OLL1000


The ARRIS Offline Loader OLL1000 is a specialized carousel server that provides the capability to rapidly load numerous code objects on various set-top box types in a warehouse environment or other staging area independent of the production system. The OLL1000 uses broadcast functions to clear stale code and/or configure mixed set-top types, so that no individual set-top addressing/configuration is required. The OLL1000 provides the warehouse with more control over code suites. It does so by keeping the loading independent, which has the added benefit of pre-loading set-tops in anticipation of planned code upgrades to support field installations on the day of the code upgrade.

Details for Offline Loader OLL1000

  • Provides standalone operation independent from the production system, providing an offline solution
  • Supports legacy code download and up to 20 code objects in a code download package
  • Delivers GUI-configurable IP address of each downstream device as Unicast, Multicast, or Broadcast IP address types
  • Supports UDP/IP transport for each downstream device
  • Delivers GUI-based configuration of data rate from 1 Kbps to 200 Kbps for each active carousel


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