Titanium Content Security - Connected
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Titanium Content Security - Connected


Secure software based Conditional Access System for IPTV networks

Titanium Connected is a 100% secure software Conditional Access (CA) system for IPTV networks which eliminates the need for smartcards. ARRIS has invested heavily in software security and as a result can provide industry leading levels of content protection with dynamic and upgradeable security features. Combined with the inherent security recovery advantages of the software, Titanium Connected reduces the total cost of ownership for the operator.

Titanium Connected optimizes costs throughout the entire system, from initial capital costs, logistics, deployment time, new feature introduction, and maintenance. Our 100% secure-software based CA reduces costs by an average of 60% compared to other CA systems. The ease with which it integrates with middleware, set-top boxes and back-end systems is also a significant cost-saving factor.

Titanium Connected CA is fully DVB compliant, meaning customers can deploy Titanium Connected without jeopardizing their existing investment. Both in the head-end and the STB, Titanium Connected can co-exist with or easily replace any other legacy CA system while providing increased flexibility reducing the total cost of ownership.

Professional Services

Professional services begin with the initial customer requirements, analysis, and system design all the way through to full-service integration, testing, and successful launch. Our professional services team ensures open and flexible system interfaces, fully redundant systems and high-level service monitoring.

ARRIS professional services apply innovative and trustworthy product support mechanisms tailored to meet the operator's needs and service calls can be made via phone, email or web interfaces.

ARRIS understands that every operator is unique. This leads our professional services team to tailor our services to the unique requirements of each operator. Whether the operator is migrating from a card-based system or wants to integrate OTT into a broadcast environment, our professional services team will ensure the successful delivery of such requirements.

ARRIS professional services include:

  • Technical consulting and design
  • Project management
  • Product customisation
  • End-to-end system management
  • Technical training

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