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Increased video traffic and competitive forces are driving service providers to create broadband evolution strategies that provide gigabits of service to the home. ARRIS is developing and delivering extremely flexible broadband solutions today that can help service providers break through the Gigabit barrier seamlessly and cost effectively.

DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP - Meeting the Rising Bandwidth Demand with Gigabit to the Home


With more connected devices, more streaming video, and more online games making their way into the home, service providers are often struggling to keep pace with rising bandwidth demand. And just as subscribers’ expectations for high-quality broadband experiences increase, so too are the number of competitors in the market who are willing to meet this need with ultra-high bandwidth services.

Soon, Gigabit speeds to the home will be the new standard by which broadband service providers are measured. But evolving today’s networks to meet this benchmark without significantly driving up costs requires a well-designed migration strategy.

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At ARRIS, we understand that the journey to Gigabit speeds begins with a single step – creating a detailed migration plan that takes into account the unique dynamics of your network, service mix and subscribers. Our experts work shoulder to shoulder with you to develop a custom strategy that introduces new technologies at the right pace for your business. We then deploy advanced solutions that provide significant throughput improvements while leveraging existing investments and minimizing wholesale changes that can disrupt your operations.

Evolving your network for Gigabit speeds means choosing and unleashing the world’s most advanced broadband technologies. That’s why ARRIS provides a complete range of options designed to bring your network into the Gigabit era – without sacrificing the investments you’ve already made. We build our products with migration in mind, using modular platforms, multicore microprocessors and software upgradable systems that can fit seamlessly into your network today and support years of cost-effective service growth. 

You can depend on ARRIS for leading-edge solutions in:

DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP - A Phased Approach to Network Evolution

CCAP – The ARRIS E6000 Converged Edge Router delivers the density to maximize floor space and operational savings, and the flexibility to support converged services with both integrated and distributed architectures.

DOCSIS 3.1 – ARRIS is leading the development of DOCSIS 3.1 and implementing the new specification through software upgrades to its existing and new products. Our DOCSIS 3.1 ready CCAP, modem and gateway solutions are being designed to support one gigabit per second today, while scaling up to ten gigabits per second for years of cost-effective growth.

Passive optical networking – ARRIS is delivering the all-fiber future – today. Our passive optical network solutions are designed to evolve to support 40 and even 100 gigabit per second services over a highly-scalable all-fiber infrastructure.

Traffic engineering – ARRIS helps you get the most out of your network, with one of the preeminent traffic engineering teams in the industry and a track record of developing technologies that help optimize performance - even in the face of high network utilization.

Integrated edge QAM functionality – As more devices are used in the home, the efficiency of bandwidth distribution becomes an increasingly important factor. ARRIS offers QAM solutions that precisely match the needs of each device to the amount of bits it requires.

AgileMax – This pioneering technology eliminates Optical Beat Interference (OBI) from RFoG networks, allowing service providers to deploy high capacity FTTH networks that leverage existing DOCSIS infrastructure.

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DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP - G.Hn In the Home
At ARRIS, we know that delivering ultra-fast broadband service to the home doesn’t stop at the subscriber doorstep. That’s why we were first to build Gigabit Home Networking ( capabilities into our routers and adapters. By unleashing the high-performance, ubiquitous combination of Wi-Fi and powerline networks, ARRIS is extending both the reach and performance of today’s home networks. For consumers, that means a faster Internet experience, improved video quality, more realistic gaming, and consistent coverage in every corner of the home.

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DOCSIS 3.1 and CCAP - The People of ARRIS



When you work with ARRIS, you work with people who are passionately dedicated to moving the industry forward through innovative, yet practical solutions.  We collaborate with service providers, helping them uncover new opportunities to improve service performance, reduce costs, and generate revenues. And we are active contributors to the industry standards and specifications that are helping to shape the future of communications and entertainment delivery. The people of ARRIS - dedicated to meeting today’s challenges and helping you transition smoothly into the advanced experiences of tomorrow.

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E6000 Converged Edge Router
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DOCSIS® 3.1 Broadband Device Portfolio
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AgileMax 1RU
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