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UltraHD TV

Ultra HD with wide color gamut, HDR and higher frame rates promises an immersive, real-life video experience that combines higher resolution with more color, more contrast, higher brightness and more motion detail. ARRIS is helping service providers to deliver Ultra HD, with solutions that span transcoding, networking and customer premises equipment.

UltraHD Delivering the UltraHD Experience Seamlessly


With its vastly improved resolution, color, contrast and motion dynamics, Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with wide color gamut, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and higher frame-rates offers an immersive, realistic television experience that consumers desire. The transition is happening fast, with UHD content already being produced and distributed, and 4K HDR televisions available in stores today. This rapid pace of introduction has many video service providers planning and implementing the network, CPE and operational systems to launch UHD services.

ARRIS can help make the migration to UHD seamless for service providers, with phased evolution strategies and innovative technologies that can be deployed incrementally and grow with demand. From packaging and transcoding solutions to network infrastructure and CPE, ARRIS combines the right technologies with the expertise to put them all together, ensuring that service providers are equipped to evolve from initial trials to efficient, reliable multi-channel UHD services.

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UltraHD Leavering a Rich Heritage of Video Delivery

As a leader in video solutions for over 60 years, ARRIS has been through sweeping technology changes before. We invented digital TV and helped lead the industry through the transition from SD to HD and we are applying many of the lessons learned to the migration to UHD as well.

As a leading participant in UHD and HDR standards development and as a supplier of infrastructure from ingest to CPE, we understand the end-to-end implications of UHD deployment and guide service providers with customized deployment strategies that support their service priorities. While every deployment path is unique, we frequently guide our customers as they make several critical choices:

  • Deploying HEVC compression technology cost effectively,
  • Ensuring sufficient network bandwidth is available for UHD content
  • Optimizing video delivery with sophisticated video-quality and bandwidth management techniques
  • Transitioning to flexible all-IP video delivery models for UHD
  • Simplifying the selection of feature sets for UHD set-tops and media gateways.
  • Optimizing Wi-Fi for UHD video delivery.

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UltraHD Easing the Migration with Advance UHD TechnologiesThe movement to UHD has already begun, not only among content providers and television manufacturers but within many of the ARRIS video delivery products that are deployed today.

Bringing UHD to the Home

The set-top boxes, media gateways and home networking products that ARRIS has available right now can effectively handle the essential elements of UHD video, including high-frame rates and high-dynamic range. ARRIS’s video-grade Wi-Fi home networking products deliver the bandwidth necessary for UHD to all corners of the home.

Optimizing Network Bandwidth

High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) and high-density IP statistical multiplexing enables as much as a 50% gain in bandwidth utilization. These technologies provide a critical foundation for the efficient delivery of UHD content.

Evolving Transcoding

ARRIS offers flexible, modular transcoding hardware solutions. The ME-7000 encoder/transcoder, is upgradeable to be ready for when Service Providers need to deliver a range of UHD channels, by encoding/transcoding multiple UHD HEVC streams within a single 1RU chassis.

Programmers, broadcasters, content owners can optimize content distribution by utilizing a single UHD version and transcoding to HD and SD at the service provider’s headend using the DSR-7400 Series Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD).

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Sean McCarthy, Ph.D.

Sean McCarthy, Ph.D., Fellow of the Technical Staff, is helping service providers deliver great UHD viewing experiences without breaking the bandwidth bank. Sean's unique experience spans a deep background in applied vision science, inventing perceptual video processing that is a key component in our encoders today, and holding 20+ U.S. and international patents on image and signal processing. He's leveraging all of that expertise in standards development and to help our customers develop phased approaches to UHD that make sense.

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