Wi-Fi® Without Limits! SURFboard®
Routers with RipCurrent


Eliminate Dead Zones

We've all experienced issues with our home Wi-Fi – the dreaded dead zone! Every house has them – that room with little or no Wi-Fi coverage and it leads to things like buffering while streaming HD video or lagging behind while gaming with friends. Now ARRIS brings you a revolutionary Wi-Fi system that solves those problems and more. Introducing SURFboard Networking Products with RipCurrent technology. These innovative products utilize your home's existing power lines, via G.hn technology, to expand your network coverage. Unlike older products that experience interference from household appliances, RipCurrent virtually eliminates interference, ensuring optimal network performance is maintained throughout your home. With wired and Wi-Fi options, whatever your preference, SURFboard with RipCurrent has your network covered. Simply add Wi-Fi HotSpots or Network Extenders to any room with poor coverage (two RipCurrent-enabled devices are needed). Stop throwing money away on solutions that don't solve your problem. Invest in the right solution. SURFboard with RipCurrent. Now that's truly Wi-Fi without limits.

Plug a SURFboard RipCurrent router into your high-speed Internet modem and add extenders where there is weak or no Wi-Fi signal. The RipCurrent devices, using G.hn technology, will find one another and connect, creating a robust Gigabit connection!

Your home is already networked. Plug into it!

The groundwork had already been laid the day your electrical lines were installed. RipCurrent™ uses these electrical lines, via G.hn technology, to create a robust whole-home Wi-Fi® signal that reaches far beyond the traditional multi-level rooms in your home.


Take your Wi-Fi® further to places like the outside patio or extended garage. Anywhere you have an electrical outlet, you can create an instant Wi-Fi® hotspot!


Need an Ethernet port for your new 55″ 4K Ultra-HDTV? No problem. Just plug in a RipCurrent™ Wired Network Extender to the nearest outlet and take advantage of a reliable wired connection. Get SURFboard® with RipCurrent™ and get ready for a fast, seamless connection throughout your home!




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Carl Edwards has the fastest network on the block.
So should you!

NASCAR® Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards knows that speed and performance are crucial on the track and off. That’s why he powers his home network with ARRIS® SURFboard® Networking Products with RipCurrent™.


It's Wi-Fi Unconfined

SURFboard® Wi-Fi networking with RipCurrent™ technology. Now you can get robust Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home. No matter how many devices are being used at once. No matter where you are. Achieve Gigabit speeds in any room. Not just the one closest to the router. All you need is a SURFboard Wi-Fi Hotspot with RipCurrent. Simply plug it into any power outlet and you'll create an ultra-fast Wi-Fi Hotspot in any room. It's that easy.

Make sure you have a high-speed Internet modem. If you’re a cable subscriber and want to purchase your modem, check out the SURFboard lineup.

One modem

Get a SURFboard Wi-Fi Router with RipCurrent and connect it to your modem.



Two ripcurtrent

Plug in RipCurrent Wi-Fi Hotspots or Wired Network Extenders and pair them to the router, then place them where Wi-Fi signals are weak or non-existent.


Smart networking with the smartest bandwidth

RipCurrent™ enabled products feature a technology called "band steering."


This smart technology knows which Wi-Fi® devices require more bandwidth and will continuously monitor and adjust which Wi-Fi® band your device is on. This ensures optimum performance of all devices on the network.

  • Reduces traffic from jam-packed Wi-Fi® networks
  • Wi-Fi® Gigabit Router bandwidth is never sacrificed
  • Perfect for lag-free gaming and networking Smart TVs
  • Maintain a consistent robust connection
  • Use your existing electrical outlets via G.hn technology  to create or expand a RipCurrent™ network
  • No more lost signals. No more deadspots.
  • Secure, wired connection
  • Add up to 15 Wi-Fi® Hotspots or Network Extenders

Image of Ripcurrent device


Your Smart TV deserves the smartest Wi-Fi®

SURFboard® Home Networking with RipCurrent™ technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With SURFboard® Networking Products with RipCurrent, the network can be extended throughout your home, as needed. Need an Ethernet port for your new 55″ 4K Ultra-HDTV? No problem. Just plug in a RipCurrent™ Wired Network Extender to an AC power outlet near the TV and you have an instant connection without interference. There’s no need to reconfigure your home network each time you add or change a connected device. Just add RipCurrent-enabled Network Extenders or Wi-Fi® hotspots and leave the rest of your network alone. Why mess with it if you don’t have to?


Set up is simple

The SURFboard® Manager app makes setting up your RipCurrent-enabled network as simple as scanning a QR code. All RipCurrent™ routers are tagged with a QR code. When scanned, the QR code automatically connects SURFboard® RipCurrent™ accessory devices such as the Wi-Fi® Hotspot or Wired Network Extender to the secure, RipCurrent™ network.

The ARRIS RipCurrent Product Lineup

  • SBR-AC3200P
    SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Router with RipCurrent™ G.hn Technology
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  • SBR-AC1900P
    SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Router with RipCurrent™ G.hn Technology
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  • SBR-AC1200P
    SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Router with RipCurrent™ G.hn Technology
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  • SBX-AC1200P
    SURFboard® Wi-Fi® Hotspot with RipCurrent™ G.hn Technology
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  • SBX-1000P
    SURFboard® Wired Network Extender with RipCurrent™ G.hn Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RipCurrent? How does it work?

RipCurrent is a technology that uses the G.hn standard over the AC power lines already installed throughout your home. It provides an easy to use solution for connecting network devices within your home. Just plug in the RipCurrent-enabled devices and they will find each other within a few seconds. It’s that simple! You’ll have whole-home coverage without running long cables all over the house, no drywall patching and most importantly, no hassle! All the electrical wiring in your home connects back to one central location, the fuse box, usually located in a closet or the garage. RipCurrent uses G.hn technology that uses that wiring to connect all the power outlets in your house together to form a network, so why add more wiring to your home when you can use what is already there? Installing a RipCurrent-enabled device requires nothing more than plugging it in.

Why did you build the SURFboard products with RipCurrent?

The SURFboard products with RipCurrent were built with a couple of goals in mind. First, we wanted to make it easy for a user to setup a whole home network with no new wires, and using the power outlets in your house makes that possible. Second we wanted an expandable Wi-Fi solution that could cover all homes no matter what the layout, size or other constraints. For a Wi-Fi router one size definitely does not fit all. Typically, the room with the router will get great coverage, the rooms nearby a little less, rooms further away will get even lower coverage. So how do you get better coverage in those further away rooms? Using SURFboard RipCurrent networking products allows you to extend your Wi-Fi network by plugging in a device at the location where it is needed most. Perhaps you want to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones in your basement but your Wi-Fi router is on the second floor office and there is no way your router will get Wi-Fi all the way there, at least not without some buffering. Just add a RipCurrent-enabled Wi-Fi extender and the game is yours to watch, simple. Even better, the Wi-Fi extender also includes an Ethernet port so you can connect your Smart TV, Blu Ray player or other streaming device via Ethernet for a fast, reliable connection.

Who is SURFboard with RipCurrent Technology for?

SURFboard with RipCurrent is for users who want to install a home network without any knowledge of home networking. Let’s face it, most of us are not technically savvy, nor do we enjoy spending our weekends learning how to network our homes. RipCurrent technology provides a whole home network without you even knowing it. Plus, it’s expandable and grows with your needs. Connect your new, Smart TV in the bedroom by adding a SURFboard Wired Network extender with RipCurrent to that room and you’ve got Ethernet in an instant. But what about Wi-Fi? You’ve got visitors coming this weekend but no Wi-Fi in their bedroom. Just plug in the RipCurrent Wi-Fi extender in their room and they’ll be all set. Of course giving them the password is still at your discretion. Better yet, create a guest network just for them and keep your network private.

How is SURFboard with RipCurrent Technology better than a range extender?

SURFboard with RipCurrent technology is far better than Wi-Fi extenders available in the market today. Range extenders do just that – they extend the range of your Wi-Fi. However, what they don’t tell you is that extended coverage comes with a 50% reduction in throughput. That means that your Wi-Fi speed is literally cut in half. RipCurrent-enabled don’t reduce the bandwidth or impact other Wi-Fi clients. The Wi-Fi Hotspots or Wired Network Extenders with RipCurrent use the AC power line to get the Wi-Fi where it is needed. It is really just like using a conventional Ethernet cable but instead uses the AC power outlet, so no new cables are required. Just plug in the RipCurrent-enabled extender, it will find and connect to the RipCurrent router. Then the RipCurrent Wi-Fi Hotspot or Wired Network Extender will be automatically configured by the RipCurrent router and you are good to go. No additional configuration is required.

How is SURFboard with RipCurrent Technology better than my current router?

SURFboard with RipCurrent technology is better than other routers because it is not a one size fits all. We know people move, change how they use their home, add entertainment devices and have visitors so they need a flexible router than can change and grow with their needs. With RipCurrent the Wi-Fi can be extended throughout your home as needed. Need an Ethernet port for your new 240″ Super 4K UHD TV? No problem just plug-in a RipCurrent Wired Network Extender to the AC power outlet by the TV and you have an instant network connection. There should be no need to reconfigure your home network each time you want to change something on the network. Just add RipCurrent Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wired Network Extenders and leave the rest of your working network alone. Why mess with it if you don’t need to?