ARRIS-Pace Media Kit

Today, ARRIS acquired Pace.

The deal united two of the leading companies in entertainment and communications delivery. The result is a global leader that’s bringing its combined strengths to bear on a global scale.

The new organization adds Pace’s expertise in satellite communications and telco TV to ARRIS’s worldwide leadership in cable—effectively broadening ARRIS’s global customer base, footprint and solution set. Pace also strengthens ARRIS’s already industry-leading portfolio of network and software technology, which combined with its competitive CPE portfolio, now comprises the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end solutions for video and broadband delivery. The benefit of this heightened scale, expertise, and technology is ARRIS’s accelerated collaboration with the world’s leading service providers.

ARRIS’s investment in its next stage of growth has important implications for several key audiences:

For its customers and partners, it means access to a transformative portfolio of solutions and services as well as new economies of scale in supply chain, R&D, and time-to-market.

For new and existing ARRIS employees, the deal offers new opportunities for global growth by combining two of the industry’s leading talent pools and their cultures of success.

For shareholders, the financial benefits are compelling: an accretive acquisition, reduced tax rate, free cash flow, a flexible balance sheet, and improved product, company and operational expenditures.

And for millions of consumers around the world, ARRIS’s acquisition of Pace will be very personal—taking the form of new, customized and connected services that will blend seamlessly into our everyday lives and transform the way we experience entertainment and communications.

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