Africacom 2018

The place to meet everybody who’s anybody in African telecoms and technology, AfricaCom brings together 14,000 attendees, 450 speakers and 400 exhibitors.

See ARRIS at the Africa Video Forum (formerly TV Connect Africa), a part of Africacom.

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ARRIS Speakers

Constant Connectivity

Phil Cardy, ARRIS VP Regional Sales
November 13, 2018 | 12:30 - 13:30
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Next Generation Pay-TV Services in Africa

Phil Cardy, ARRIS VP Regional Sales
November 13, 2018 
Event Agenda

Key Experiences

  • The Ultra Connected Home

    The ARRIS HomeAssure™ Solution leverages ARRIS gateways, extenders and cloud management platform to optimize coverage and performance of the Wi-Fi connected home with ease of use for the consumer. Our consumer app improves the customer experience, whilst cloud management lowers the expense for service providers.

    Wi-Fi Connected Home | Contact Sales

  • Set-Top Platforms

    As the number of vendor set-tops, we will be showing the evoluiton of the set-top as a focus for media consumption, with new form-factors built on robust hardware and software platforms such as Android TVTM Operator Tier, Krea TVTM, and RDK.

    Set-Top Platforms | Contact Sales

  • Video Processing

    ARRIS solutions help achieve high quality, efficient 4K/HDR live TV and on-demand video delivery to help service providers innovate consumer viewing experience; from the programmer or broadcaster, through high density modular multi-video format encoding, to the set-top and mobile device. 

    Video Processing and Delivery | Contact Sales