5168N xDSL Gateway

5168N xDSL Gateway

VDSL2, ADSL2+ Gateway with 802.11n Wi-Fi & HomePNA®

The 5168N delivers with best-in-class 802.11n MIMO wireless performance and HomePNA over coax for in-home network distribution of IP video. 

The 5168N intelligent gateway is the optimum solution for today’s service provider. It enables superior IPTV and Internet service delivery via is flexible xDSL interfaces. The 5168N terminates single-pair or pair-bonded ADSL2+/ VDSL2 and automatically detects the configured profile. It can even receive a gigabit Ethernet handoff from an optical network terminal (ONT). The 5168N allows service providers to use one SKU to serve all areas of their delivery network.

ADSL/VDSL Pair Bonding

The 5168N residential gateway features bonded ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem technology, allowing service providers to increase rate and reach with their existing broadband infrastructure.

Gigabit Speeds

Enable Gigabit service offerings utilizing the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Superior Wireless Performance

High-powered 802.11n 2x2 MIMO wireless technology virtually eliminates wireless “cold spots” in the home. ARRIS intelligent gateways provide more than four times the maximum transmit power of competitive products that traditionally transmit at less than 100mW.

The 5168N gateway’s superior transmit power and enhanced receiver sensitivity, in conjunction with optimized antenna design, boosts performance compared to typical 802.11n wireless designs. Better range throughout the home means higher customer satisfaction with wireless coverage.

Streamlined Management

The 5168N intelligent gateway drastically simplifies both gateway and application management; remote management is supported with any TR-069-compliant auto-configuration server, such as the industry-leading ECO Manage device management system.

ECO Manage gives providers a valuable insight into the customer's network, enabling them to remotely configure, manage and troubleshoot deployed gateway devices, eliminating costly truck rolls and lengthy customer care calls. Additionally, IP-based services can be remotely managed using the web-based ECO Service Management tools. ECO Service Management can reduce operational expenses, shorten time-to-market for next-generation services, and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Dual-core processor with hardware accelerated routing for exceptional performance
  • ADSL/VDSL Pair Bonding
  • Advanced Quality of Service for Managing IPTV, and Data Traffic and any other critical data needs
  • Best-in-class wireless performance with ARRIS's high power wireless design
  • HomePNA interface for video distribution throughout the home
  • Intelligent service delivery platform
  • Carrier-Quality TR-069, TR-098 and TR-104 Network Management
  • Professional-Grade Firewall
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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