BTTF*-*Q F-Port Power Extracting Taps

BTTF*-*Q F-Port Power Extracting Taps

1.2 GHz Power Extracting Taps

The ARRIS 1.2 GHz power extracting taps are capable of delivering video, telephony, and data over the broadband hybrid fiber coax system. These taps have all of the same features and performance as our standard Q‐series FFT taps, including 12 ampere power passing and surge resiliency, but with the additional feature of power extracting for Cable Wi‐Fi® applications.

The BTTF*‐*Q taps extract power from the cable feeder and deliver it to the Cable Wi‐Fi Access Point via the F‐Port (Port 1, jumper selectable). RF signals are distributed through the F‐ports to the coaxial drop, as well.


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

upport expanded bandwidth up to 1218 MHz

  • Enable Cable Wi-Fi Access Point powering via the F-port
  • Improve network performance with signal conditioning plug-ins
  • High quality RF connection with auto-seize F-connectors
  • Maintain existing install base with compatibility back to “F” series FFT housings
  • High level of network resilience with 6kV surge resistance
  • Maintain RF and AC continuity with integrated bypass capability

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