CH3000 Optical Receivers

CH3000 Optical Receivers

Forward and Return Path Optical Receivers

ARRIS CH3000 forward and return path Optical Receivers are an integral part of the ARRIS CH3000 platform.


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

AR3001 Analog Return Receivers (Dual Density)

  • AR3001, Dual 5-225 MHz
  • AR3001H, Dual 5-100 MHz
  • High RF output allows passive RF splitting
  • Optical input, Analog
  • Up to 28 receivers per 3RU CH3000 chassis

AR3002 Analog Forward Receivers

  • AR3002G, Single 46-1002 MHz
  • AR3002E, Single 46-1218 MHz
  • High RF output allows passive RF splitting
  • Optical input, Analog
  • Up to 14 receivers per 3RU CH3000 chassis

AR3044 Analog Return Receivers (Quad Density)

  • AR3044H, Quad 5-204 MHz
  • AR3044L, Quad 5-300 MHz
  • High RF output allows passive RF splitting
  • Optical input, Analog
  • Up to 56 receivers per 3RU CH3000 chassis

DR3450 Digital Return Receiver (Next Generation Quad Density)

  • DR3450N-50, 5-50/5-100 MHz, Quad 1-fer/2-fer
  • DR3450N-75, 5-65/5-100 MHz, Quad 1-fer/2-fer
  • Operates in three RF bandwidth ranges: 5‐50 MHz, 5‐65 MHz, or 5‐100 MHz (firmware selectable)
  • High packaging density, four receivers per single width, full‐depth module slot. Up to 56 receivers per 3RU CH3000 chassis.
  • Single channel link mode or dual channel "2‐fer" link modes, selectable via software user interface
  • High RF output: up to 38 dBmV per 6.4 MHz carrier in 50 MHz mode
  • Concatenated or point-to-point applications
  • 30+ dB of system RF gain from transmitter input to receiver output
  • Superior noise performance
  • Front access ‐20 dB RF test point, selectable for each input
  • Hot plug‐in/out
  • Local and remote status monitoring
  • With BP3400C Quad Back Plate:
    • 16 RF outputs
    • 4 slots wide supports 4 Quad DRs
    • 8 sockets for SFP-style dual RXs, deploy as needed
    • 1 socket for SFP TX/RX optional for management traffic

OR3144 RFoG Quad Diplexer and Low Noise Return Receiver

  • OR3144H, 5-85 MHz
  • Quad RFOG Diplexer/Return Receiver in ½ slot module for CH3000
    • Integrates AR and combining functionality
    • 4 parallel broadcast signals downstream with 4 reverse signals fed to one RF output
  • Interfaces – Four 1550 nm BC inputs
    • Four Network bi‐directional Network ports - BC & Analog return
    • Four optical return paths combined to 1 RF output. Supports 1610, 1590 or 1310 nm optical return. Migrate from legacy (non‐standard compliant 1590 wavelength) CPEs to 1610
  • Superior low noise performance
    • < 2 pA/γHz
    • Internal RF combining of 4 receivers without the associated noise degradation of alternative approaches provides up to 6 dB improvement
  • Low power consumption: 2W
  • High Density: up to 96 receivers in 3RU

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