NC2000 Series Optical Nodes

NC2000 Series Optical Nodes

1.2 GHz 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 Segmentable Nodes - Fiber Deep or HFC

The NC2000 Optical Node Platform is designed for various applications in either HFC or fiber deep architectures. With its bottom entry fiber port and three coaxial output ports, the node's modular design features high RF output levels and 2x2 segmentation, and can be wall or pedestal mounted as needed. Available options include alternate route switching, third output via plug-in splitter, and automatic gain control.

The NC2000 includes an RF module and three module slots that can be populated according to network architecture requirements—flexibility being a key feature of this node. Two of these slots are most commonly used for a forward receiver and a digital return module, with the third slot commonly used for forward path redundancy or segmentation. The node can also be populated with other single-slot ARRIS node modules such as an optical switch, EDFA, or a DWDM transponder, optimizing performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.

The platform can be equipped with plug-in digital return path transceivers and, when configured with user-selectable plug-in SFP modules, supports wavelengths of 1310 nm, 1550 nm, or CWDM or DWDM. Alternatively, a DT4000 series "2-fer" transceiver can accept dual RF inputs for two independent segments and a user-selectable SFP module to support any of the same wavelengths.

The NC2000 includes ARRIS's integrated monitoring and management system, eliminating the need for costly status monitoring transponders and the allocation of forward and return bandwidth for the transponder's communicating frequencies.

The technical advantages of these NC2000 series platforms include an extensive offering of plug-in node modules and ARRIS's plug and play digital return technology. The many benefits of an extensive and user-friendly collection of modules include the fact that all modules are hot-swappable without splicing, operators can add access services capability by plugging in R-PHY, PON or Ethernet transport modules, monitoring is provided with an integrated network management plug-in without the added cost of a third-party status-monitoring transponder, forward paths can be configured for redundant, segmented, or BC/NC operation, and nodes can be populated with the industry's widest range of field optical passives families: couplers, splitters, filters, and muxes/demuxes.


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Low-profile housing design
  • Bottom entry ports for vertical mounting
  • Strand (traditional) or pedestal/wall/underground mount
  • 120/220 VAC Mains plug-in AC powering option
  • 1x2 and 2x2 segmentable configurations
  • Also available in power-saving 1x1 configuration
  • High-level outputs:
    • 60 dBmV (118 dBµV) at 1.2 GHz
  • Third RF output port enabled with splitter
  • Forward path redundancy with RF switching in applications with 1x2 configuration
  • Digital return technology with integrated SNMP monitoring and management
    • Simplified link alignment
    • Two return segments on a single wavelength
    • Daisy-chaining capability for added savings
    • Integrated status monitoring. No additional transponders needed
  • Multiple options for output level and slope
  • Return ingress switch options
  • Expansion slot available for optical switch, EDFA, forward receiver, DWDM transponder, Remote PHY or Node PON OLT
  • Enables DOCSIS® 3.0 and 3.1
  • Supports VHub Configurations (RFoG, RFPON, and Light-Plex® BC/NC)
  • Based on ARRIS's proven NC4000 platform, utilizing common modules and accessories

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