NH/VH4000/2000 Virtual Hubs (VHub)

NH/VH4000/2000 Virtual Hubs (VHub)

Outside Plant Hardened Optical Virtual Hubs

The ARRIS NH/VH4000 Series Virtual Hubs (VHub) are outside plant optical node-based platforms that can be configured to replicate and extend headend functionality to remote locations in rural or new business and home developments. VHubs provide RF and/or PON delivery support for future growth and revenue realization, without the need for expensive new brick and mortar construction and associated maintenance costs thereafter.

With a VHub solution, operators can install headend and hub-based system solutions in the field, such as traditional broadcast/narrowcast (BC/NC) amplification, combining, and point-to-multipoint distributions; long reach Fiber-deep; HFC to RF over Glass (RFoG) conversions for long-haul FTTx; and RFoG plus 10/10G EPON transmission supporting high-speed PON and Broadband Internet services, all from a single common small-footprint strand or pedestal mounted remote platform.

The VHub's modular design ensures optimal flexibility given that operators can populate the VHub platform with combinations of up to 12 application-specific modules to support both residential and commercial functional requirements. A variety of modules are available, including:

  • EDFAs
  • Digital RF Return Transceivers
  • Diplexers, Combiners, Splitters
  • OBI-free Optical Receivers
  • XE4202 10G EPON Remote Optical Line Termination (OLTs)

VHub and installed module remote monitoring and management are supported via ARRIS Opti-Trace® and CORView Element Management System software.

ARRIS VHubs are available in 6- and 12-slot models, supporting standardized modules. Both platforms interface to common transmitter, receiver, and switch headend equipment for operation, including the use of the remote monitoring and management tools.

With the continual introduction of more advanced modules to meet evolving Cable TV and Broadband Internet needs, the VHub plays a key role in providing the flexibility to quickly support the changing applications of today and into the future.


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • A fully operational headend or hub equivalent in a standard small footprint node housing
  • Eliminates the need for a complete hub facility or OTN cabinet, resulting in no real estate, facilities construction, permits, HVAC, utilities, or backup generators required
  • Plug-in module commonality with the NH4000/NH2000 platforms reduces the need for spares inventories
  • Supports up to 6 (NH2000) or 12 (NH/VH4000) single width modules, supporting combinations of EDFAs, Light-Plex® optical Narrowcast demux with BC/NC combiners, optical switches, XE4202 10G EPON Remote OLT modules, and more
  • Weatherproof pedestal or strand mounted -40⁰ to +60⁰C without external cooling
  • Powering via standard 45-90 VAC coaxial line power supplies
  • Internal redundant power supplies up to 150 Watts
  • Remote and local monitoring and management via Windows based Opti-Trace and CORView Management Software
  • Support for residential and commercial applications, including:
    • Long Haul Operation
      • Provides extended reach of RF and PON services deep into rural and new subscriber developments
      • Dispersion compensation options to further increase range
      • Supports automatic alternate (failover) route switching
    • RFoG
      • Extends RFoG reach well beyond the traditional 20 km limit
      • The “Universal” VHub (UVPx) platform expands an existing 128 non OBI-free HHP distribution to a 384 HHP OBI-free RFoG serving area at a legacy node location
      • Supports RFoG plus 10G EPON up to 512 subscribers
    • Broadcast/Narrowcast
      • Feeds up to 24 Nodes, up to 20k homes, with unique channel lineup for each node, and digital RF Returns with a variety of segmentation options
    • Commercial Services
      • Deliver 10/10 and 10/1G EPON to remote business parks and consumer locations with the XE4202 10G Remote OLT (R-OLT)
        • Three R-OLTs within a single NH4000 VHub platform supplies 10G EPON to 768 subscribers at distances up to 100 km
        • Compatible with DOCSIS® with back office OSS systems, and utilizes standard DPoE 2.0 OAM messaging for ONU configuration
    • Collector Node
      • Solves upstream distance/route challenges
      • Extends upstream reach to over 100 km
  • Available options to suit the exact application and distribution:
    • NH2000/4000 (Node-Hub) customizable basic unpopulated platform with power supplies and motherboards
    • VH4000 (VHub) fully populated turn-key NH hub solution options

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