AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge

AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet Bridge

Migrate legacy ASI video outputs to an IP backbone

The AGB240 ASI to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Bridge enables service providers to cost-effectively migrate legacy ASI video equipment to IP networks in headend environments.

AGB240 delivers highly reliable bridging of traffic from ASI video service outputs in legacy equipment, such as satellite receivers (IRDs), encoders and Cherrypickers®, to a common GigE IP backbone or transport network. This simple, stand-alone solution also provides significant power savings to service providers by using 90 percent less power than alternative solutions.


  • Maps up to 24 MPEG-2 transport streams from ASI to IP
  • Delivers 931Mbps aggregate bridge bandwidth
  • Uses less than 20W maximum power draw
  • Mounts in 1 RU
  • Provides 24 ASI input ports

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