Video Devices for Android TV™

Video Devices for Android TV™

Set-top solutions with Android TV Operator Tier

Android TVAndroid TV is a mainstream set-top operating system which enables Pay TV service providers to deliver a rich customer experience on the main TV. Android TV is an increasingly popular choice amongst Pay TV operators due to it offering:

  • An Operator branded experience combined with familiar Google features like YouTube™, Chromecast built-in and Google Play Store Applications
  • Short time to market and rapid feature development
  • Google Play Store with revenue share opportunities
  • Innovation through an extensive open source ecosystem
  • Simplified development and support by using a common platform and user experience across device types
  • A large pool of developer resources
  • Google TV Services (GTVS / GMS)

Google Play badgeARRIS employs a modular approach to set-top design to offer a wide-range of high-quality, cost-effective Android TV capable products for all distribution network types; IP, cable, satellite and terrestrial TV.

To simplify and accelerate the deployment of Android™ based TV services, ARRIS provides complete solutions, integrating the set-top hardware, the latest version of the Android TV operating system, additional software components, and a customized user interface (UI), all supported with a full suite of professional services.

ARRIS has been developing solutions with Android TV for major service providers since 2014. All ARRIS Android products fulfil the Android compatibility program which includes the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), and the Vendor Test Suite (VTS).


To further enhance Android for use in service provider platforms, we integrate the necessary additional components, such as those providing support for:

  • DVB tuners (DVB-C, DVB-T2, DVB-S2)
  • Multicast video for IPTV
  • DVR / PVR / Time-shift TV
  • Models available with external disks for DVR/PVR, or disk-less set-tops for network based DVR/PVR
  • Conditional Access and DRM security systems
  • Multichannel audio
  • Subtitling
  • Parental controls
  • Easy migration between software platforms and secure software downloads
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) remote control with voice search