Broadcast Network Controller (BNC)

Broadcast Network Controller (BNC)

Control and management for the ARRIS Modular Uplink System

The Broadcast Network Controller (BNC) is a key part of the Modular Uplink System used for secure satellite and fiber transmission of video services. The BNC provides all the control and management aspects for the Modular Uplink System as well as the respective downlink commercial IRDs.

The BNC consists of two products. The Multiplexer BNC (or Mux BNC) is responsible for all Modular Uplink equipment configuration and health monitoring, as well as service provisioning. The Decoder Management BNC (or DM BNC) is responsible for all commercial IRD equipment configuration and authorization.


  • Provides local access, directly via the BNC server, as well as remote access, via the BNC client.
  • Provides support for both GUI access, for manual control, as well as API access, for business system control.
  • Provides sophisticated program substitution features, including retune, blackout, and conditional program delivery.
  • Supports complete range of ARRIS commercial IRDs, including legacy models.
  • Enables Modular System real-time switchover redundancy to operate independently of presence of BNC.
  • 1-RU Chassis, with built-in redundant power supplies.

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