DOCSIS® 3.1 Broadband Devices

DOCSIS® 3.1 Broadband Devices

Multi-gigabit capable cable modems, voice and data gateways

Service providers today face a number of challenges when delivering Gigabit speeds using DOCSIS 3.1 - and most are not solely related to bandwidth. As we enter the Gigabit era, service providers must be well equipped to meet the needs of a new application landscape, to handle massive video, Virtual Reality, gaming and IoT traffic, and to over come the security and management concerns that can significantly impact the service experience within the home-and the costs of providing it.

Optimized Video over Wi-Fi (DOCSIS 3.1)

Optimized Video over Wi-Fi

ARRIS offers a set of features that are designed to deliver high quality, immersive video experiences over Wi-Fi from the gateway to the set-top. These solutions include video QoS, dedicated video SSID and dynamic and adaptive airtime management capabilities to optimize video flows based on key playback characteristics.

In-Home Wi-Fi Management (DOCSIS 3.1)

In-Home Wi-Fi Management

ARRIS helps service providers keep their subscribers’ home Wi-Fi networks performing well through a number of rich management features. At the platform level, the gateway software provides all the necessary diagnostic capabilities and controls using standard mechanisms such as TR-069. Secondly, the ARRIS “Home Network Controller” provides a comprehensive, policy-based Wi-Fi management solution that extends to all access points and extenders with the managed service footprint, equally allowing zero-touch configuration. Lastly, ARRIS has launched its Touchstone Development Partner Program, which enables third-party solution providers to host their Wi-Fi management solutions on ARRIS’s gateway platforms.

Comprehensive Security for the Broadband Network (DOCSIS 3.1)

Comprehensive Security for the Broadband Network

To help service providers ensure that the broadband service environment is secured from end-to-end, ARRIS now enables the signing of firmware images and the authentication of downloaded code. This requires firmware and application images to be signed by ARRIS securely and then authenticated by the gateway before they can run. In addition, we’ve implemented a “Trusted Store”, which allows for the secure storage of assets. We are also offering anti-cloning capabilities that protect the investment for the service provider and an anti-rollback mechanism to ensures that a gateway will not revert to a previous, vulnerable software version.

A True IoT Service Hub (DOCSIS 3.1)

A True IoT Service Hub

To support the breadth of IoT opportunities, ARRIS offers options for built-in IoT radios and software stacks that empower the home gateway to serve as the hub for the IoT devices. With on-boarding, authentication and management of connected IoT devices, ARRIS gateways allow service providers to extend their offerings to include innovative, unified smart home services.