E6000r Remote PHY Shelf

E6000r Remote PHY Shelf

2RU shelf holding up to three Remote PHY Devices (RPDs)

Remote PHY is a key component in ARRIS’s Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) portfolio, which can provide significant operational benefits—including increased bandwidth capacity, improved fiberefficiencies (wavelengths and distance), simplified plant operations with digital optics, and decreased loads on facility space and power systems.

The ARRIS Remote PHY Shelf enables MSOs to deploy digital fiber closer to end subscribers while making the change easier for existing HFC networks, alleviating the need to modify fiber nodes as it works with nodes from any vendor.

An E6000r™ Remote PHY Shelf is a 19” rack mount unit which can host up to three E6000n Remote PHY Devices (RPDs). RPDs work in conjunction with the CCAP Core to extend the PHY layer from the CCAP further into the network, closer to the customer. MAC processing, provisioning, and monitoring functions remain in the headend. The RPD provides full spectrum support for digital broadcast TV, VoD, and DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1, as well as strategic alignment with future NFV/SDN/FTTxsystems.

E6000r R-PHY Shelf use cases

  • Outdoor street cabinets, in non-environmentally-controlled conditions
  • Smaller hub sites, especially where power is a challenge
  • Replacement of legacy CMTS infrastructure, overcoming channel limitations and adding DOCSIS® 3.1 capability
  • In buildings, such as Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and offices, particularly newer ones that have fiber connectivity


  • Hosts up to 3 x E6000n Shelf RPD modules, managed via the CCAP Core
  • 9 x F connectors providing a total of 3 Downstream service groups (DS-SG) up to 1.2GHz and 6 Upstream service groups (US-SG) up to 204MHz
  • Full spectrum DOCSIS® 3.0/3.1
  • Extended temperature and humidity specification suitable for non-environmentally-controlled outdoor cabinets

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