GCA2002 G.hn Coax to Ethernet Extender

GCA2002 G.hn Coax to Ethernet Extender

Plug-in format

The GCA2002 Extender uses existing coax cables to securely deliver gigabit data around the home, or small business, using the G.hn standard as specified by the HomeGrid Forum. These G.hn bridges connect to any Coax Cable outlet in the home and has a Gigabit Ethernet port to connect a PC, Set-top, game console or other Ethernet connected device. Up to 16 devices may be connected in a single home network.

The extender plugs directly into the mains power supply; there is no external power supply to manage.

Each G.hn Bridge includes a TR-069 client for link metric monitoring as well as diagnostics and configuration by a remote Access Control Server.


  • Deliver gigabit broadband data services around the home over coax cable to Ethernet connected devices
  • Second Generation G.hn Wave 2 chipset with 2Gbps PHY over the coax connection delivers the full 1Gbps through the Ethernet port
  • Up to 16 connections
  • Lower latency than a typical wireless connection, ideal for gaming
  • Remote monitoring and management via TR-069
  • Available with USA Electrical plugs (other countries could be supported subject to further development)
  • HomeGrid Forum Certified

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