Intelligent Channel Optimizer

Intelligent Channel Optimizer

Upstream channel optimization tool for the E6000 and C4/C4c

The Intelligent Channel Optimizer (ICO) is a GUI-based tool used to maximize the throughput of RF upstream channels connected to ARRIS C4® / C4c™ CMTS DOCSIS® 2.0 (2Dx12U) CAMs, 3.0 (12U and 24U) CAMs, and E6000™ CER UCAMs.

After analyzing the noise conditions for a particular upstream channel, the ICO employs error analysis algorithms to provide guidance on optimal modulation profile and upstream channel settings. The operator may then choose to use the ICO to apply the recommended profile and channel settings to the selected upstream.

The ICO runs on a laptop or desktop PC and may be used remotely via Telnet, Secure Shell version 2 and SNMP.

  • Directly measure the noise floor, excluding any transmission (burst) from CM
  • Capture upstream bursts from a particular CM SID, burst IUC, or logical channel
  • Maximize the throughput of RF upstream channels
  • Optimize modulation profiles
  • ICO calculation is done for a wide range of modulation profile types, channel widths, center frequencies and forward error correction (FEC) values


  • Optimize modulation profiles and upstream channel parameters for maximum throughput
  • ICO runs on laptop or desktop PCs
  • May be used remotely via Telnet, Secure Shell v2, and SNMP
  • Works with C4 CMTS Release 5.x and 7.1 and later software
  • Works with C4c CMTS Release 7.1 and later software
  • The ICO calculation is done for a wide range of: Modulation profile types, Channel widths, Center frequencies, Forward Error Correction (FEC) values

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