Intelligent Channel Optimizer

Intelligent Channel Optimizer

Upstream channel optimization tool for the E6000 and C4/C4c

The Intelligent Channel Optimizer (ICO) is a GUI-based tool used to maximize the throughput of RF upstream channels connected to ARRIS C4 / C4c CMTS DOCSIS® 2.0 (2Dx12U) CAMs, DOCSIS 3.0 (12U and 24U) CAMs, and E6000 CER UCAMs, UCAM-2s and ARRIS E6000n RPD.

After analyzing the noise conditions present for a particular upstream channel, the ICO employs error analysis algorithms to provide guidance on optimal modulation profile and upstream channel settings

The ICO runs on a laptop or desktop PC and may be used remotely via Telnet, Secure Shell version 2 and SNMP.

  • Directly measure the noise floor, excluding any transmission (burst) from CM
  • Capture upstream bursts from a particular CM SID, burst IUC, or logical channel
  • Maximize the throughput of RF upstream channels
  • Optimize modulation profiles
  • ICO calculation is done for a wide range of modulation profile types, channel widths, center frequencies and forward error correction (FEC) values


  • Monitors upstream spectrum and analyzes upstream SC-QAM channels
  • Optimize modulation profiles & upstream SC-QAM channel parameters for maximum throughput
  • Works with E6000 CER Release 4.0 or higher, C4 CMTS Release 8.0 or higher and C4c CMTS Release 8.0 or higher
  • Works with ARRIS E6000n RPDs provisioned by the E6000 eCore
  • The ICO analysis is accomplished for a wide range of:
    • Modulation Profile Types
    • Channel Widths
    • Center Frequencies
    • Forward Error Correction (FEC) Values

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