ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC)

ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC)

Video Manifest Manipulator for Ad Insertion and Personalization

ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) is the market-leading Video Manifest Manipulator, a software solution enabling server-side dynamic ad insertion, content personalization and analytics for IP video.

ARRIS MDC enables customers to maximize the revenue from their IP Video services through:

  • Targeted ad insertion down to each individual device
  • Personalized video experiences including blackouts, alternative content, personalized nDVR and Time-Shifted TV playback
  • Real-time bandwidth policy enforcement per device
  • Comprehensive data on consumer behaviors and system performance


  • Client-agnostic server-side solution accelerates time to market for new IP services and makes it more difficult for ad blockers to impact impressions
  • Proven scalability to millions of sessions ensures the ability to reach all of your customers now and in the future
  • Field hardened solution with multiple levels of resiliency to increase uptime and maximize revenue
  • Standards compliance and broad interoperability, combined with a server-side architecture, reduces the need for multiple integrations, reduces costs and speeds time to market
  • Converged platform supporting multiple applications in one interoperable solution reduces implementation and maintenance costs
  • Usage data and reporting that delivers rich session data to gain insight into audience patterns          


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Targeted Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Video Personalization
    • Blackouts and Alternative Content
    • Personalized TV Playback (nDVR, Pause Live TV and TSTV)
    • Real-time policy enforcement based on content and devices
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Session and ad telemetry
    • Data visualization tools

Supported Manifest Formats

  • HLS
  • DASH

Deployment models

  • Virtualized software environments (VMWare and Openstack; hosted or on premise)
  • Appliance

Interfaces and Standards

  • Detects SCTE 35 and ESAM markers
  • SCTE 130 and VAST Ad Server Communication
  • Works with any CDN and origin server

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