MS4000 Media Streamer

MS4000 Media Streamer

IP Transcoder and Streamer for MG5

Take your TV mobile. The MS4000 is a standalone Ethernet based network transcoder designed to work with ARRIS Whole Home Solution’s new and existing Gateways to deliver a true TV anywhere experience across the most popular CE devices and displays including tablets, smartphones and soon PC/MAC desktops and laptops.

The ARRIS MS4000 delivers best-in-class, up to full 1080p HD-quality, streaming of live or recorded TV programming, sporting events and premium content to a large array of ARRIS Companion Applications such as the ARRIS Follow Me TV Mobile Application as well as the ARRIS Web Client*.

The ARRIS MS4000 is a simple plug-and-play with both new and existing set-top boxes using an Ethernet connection. The MS4000 turns your IOS and Android device into a portable TV. The MS4000 streams live and recorded TV to your IOS or Android devices anywhere inside or outside the home. It takes the incoming video stream from the set-top box, transcodes it and then streams the video via Internet protocols to compatible devices and displays that feature the ARRIS Follow Me TV mobile client or ARRIS Web Client.

The ARRIS MS4000 features Sling technology which makes it capable of providing four simultaneous video streams, and supports a consistent high-quality streaming experience both in and around the home and to a remote location, giving customers the most flexibility for accessing their home entertainment programming virtually anywhere. The MS4000 works with the six tuner ARRIS Whole Home Solution Media Gateway MG5225 as well as the ARRIS DCX 3635 Media Gateway.


  • Stream Live TV, recorded DVR content or on-demand/premium programming
  • View inside and outside the home
  • Receives DTCP-IP encrypted stream (MPEG-2, H.264, in up to full HD resolution) from set-top box or home gateway using DLNA
  • Integrated studio approved content protection technology to stream to client
  • Transcode to H.264 with adaptive bitrate up to 4 Live/DVR streams
  • Maximum output resolution of content stream up to full HD 1080p
  • Includes award-winning Sling technology
  • Comprehensive StreamStations tool for Operator control

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