MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Management

MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Management

Total control and complete flexibility in managing and securing content

ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager is a Pay-TV management platform that bridges ARRIS TITANIUM CAS, ARRIS SECUREMEDIA® and multiple industry standard DRM technologies within the same head-end.

ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager has been designed with an extensible head-end architecture, allowing multiple content protection technologies to be managed from a single set of interfaces. This provides significant operational savings by limiting the number of integrations required to back-office management systems, with the ability to introduce additional security mechanisms without impact to existing services.

ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager provides comprehensive recovery and migration options for long-term future proofing.


Subscriber Modelling

  • Grant rights to the customer
  • ARRIS MultiTrust maps entitlements and licenses automatically for the device the customer is using at that time

Content Modelling

  • A flexible model that uses the concept of Policy, allowing an operator to define how a package of content can be consumed by the subscriber
  • The Policy Engine then implements this on devices by mapping to the supported DRM Rules of any deployed DRM system
  • A powerful and flexible approach to controlling content Rights while maintaining the simplicity of traditional CAS environments
  • Allows transparent Multi-DRM operation for the operator

Modular Extensible Architecture

  • Components added as required
  • No duplication of subscriber data or services required
  • Can be deployed as a broadcast solution (ARRIS TITANIUM CAS) and OTT DRM services added later, and vice-versa
  • Supports multiple DRMs simultaneously: ARRIS SECUREMEDIA®, Apple® FairPlay, Google Widevine™, Microsoft® PlayReady®, PC/MAC® browsers supporting HTML5 EME functionality

Recovery and Migration Options

  • Modular architecture allows for updates to compromised systems to be introduced without rebuilding or duplicating customer data
  • Old and new versions can be run side by side
  • Modular architecture therefore allows migration from one DRM to another should that be required


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager provides advanced subscriber and content modelling interfaces that enable operators to greatly simplify the management of rights. By providing a bridge between the business and technology domains, ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager enables the operator to continue managing their Pay-TV business of subscribers, clients and entitlements, while abstracting the complexity of licenses and content owner mandated DRM business rules.

In order to deliver Advanced Rights Management, ARRIS has implemented a subscriber and content model, which enables operators to manage security in the same way as they sell content, specifically:

  • ARRIS MultiTrust Advanced Rights Manager enables the operator to define the connected home and the devices it comprises.
  • Policies can be defined by creating rules, which are consistent with the way in which packaged content was sold regardless of the device on which it is consumed. Restrictions for content consumption may also be defined per device type if required.
  • ARRIS MultiTrust Advanced Rights Manager creates a single security platform enabling a definitive source for content usage reporting in the Pay-TV platform.

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