PKI Services

PKI Services

Public Key Infrastructure key generation and associated services

A wide range of security related services, including end-to-end symmetric and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) data management for manufacturing, online PKI data management, secure code signing and debugging, software and hardware feature licensing, end-to-end video content authorization services, secure hosting services, and general security consulting.

The ARRIS PKI Center is one of world's largest producers of keys and certificates for hardware devices with over 30 years’ experience in key management, and over 3 billion key sets or digital certificates issued. It is responsible for key lifecycle management for hundreds of millions of devices, including cable, telco and satellite set-tops, cable and DSL modems, cell phones, portable media players, two-way radios, video/data infrastructure servers, etc. Customers include device and chip manufacturers, cable and telco operators, application vendors and industry consortiums, as well as addressing internal ARRIS security needs.

The Center is a root certificate authority for the WiMAX Forum®, and a subordinate certificate authority for Microsoft PlayReady®, Ericsson Mediaroom, DOCSIS and PacketCable™.


End-to-end PKI data management for manufacturing

  • Data generation in a secure facility
  • Secure data distribution to factories
  • Data provisioning to devices
  • Measures for anti-cloning
  • Usage monitoring
  • Third-party security data distribution
  • Device identity management

Online PKI services

  • Security and configuration data update for devices in the field
  • Root and subordinate certificate authority management for industry ecosystems
  • Online key and/or certificate generation with device ID management
  • Certificate Revocation List publication and hosting

Secure code signing and debugging

  • Code signing with standard RSA based and custom digital signatures
  • Standard AES encryption and decryption
  • Signed access token for secure debugging
  • Encrypted JTAG keys generation and delivery
  • Multi-level user access and permission control

Feature licensing

  • Control over software and hardware features
  • Device-specific licenses
  • On/off and capacity features
  • Pre-paid and post-paid licenses
  • Large volume factory license provisioning
  • Manual and automatic license generate and update
  • Batch license generation and update
  • Complete license credit audit trail

End-to-end authorization services

  • Satellite and cable authorization
  • Channel mapping
  • Electronic Program Guide management
  • Billing system services

Hosting services

  • 7x24x365 operation
  • Proactive monitoring and escalation
  • Patch management
  • Virus protection software management
  • Remote disaster recovery site
  • Redundant power supply and internet connection
  • High-availability platform

Security consulting on

  • PKI system design and protocols
  • Code signing services, software licensing and secure debugging system design
  • Security and threat analysis
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Assist with design of internal Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems
  • Incorporation of external DRM and Conditional Access System (CAS)

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