ServAssure® Advanced Performance Management

ServAssure® Advanced Performance Management

DOCSIS® Network Surveillance and Performance Management

ARRIS Access Network Management products provide end-to-end visibility across the entire service delivery environment, helping you act quickly on virtually any issues that threaten the Customer Experience and prevent problems before they impact the subscriber.

How it works

ARRIS Access Network Management solutions combine powerful software with our deep expertise in broadband, video and video service delivery to help service providers unleash the power of data to prevent and solve performance issues. First, we collect key performance information about your network, field service and subscribers, centralizing it and making it available to the organizations and applications that rely on it. We then provide an artificial intelligence platform for deep analytics, helping you unlock key insights about your DOCSIS® network conditions and service quality, which can help guide sound decisions and prudent investments.

The ARRIS Access Network Management product portfolio includes the following:

  • ServAssure® Alarm Central – automated identification and prioritization of existing and potential service impairments
  • ServAssure® Advanced - DOCSIS Network Surveillance and Performance Management
  • ServAssure® NXT – the next generation ServAssure platform starts with support for DOCSIS 3.1 networks and devices

ServAssure Advanced Performance Management is a modular offering in the ARRIS Access Network Management suite of Access Network Management solutions. Specifically designed to provide comprehensive DOCSIS network management for service quality and an enhanced customer experience.

  • Ensures DOCSIS IP Service through monitoring of network elements (CMTS, CPE, eMTA)
  • Provides reports on Quality of Service (QoS), RF performance, bandwidth consumption, theft, and much more
  • Real-time views and action tools are provided to support service troubleshooting and resolution
  • Includes a mobile UI that allows technicians to use their phones to create birth certificates and check service before leaving the subscriber’s home
  • Operators have access to their network via web services or in bulk via the database
  • QoS views provide insight into preventative maintenance needs, enabling proactive plant management resulting in increased customer satisfaction, reduction in churn and operating expenses


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

ServAssure Advanced provides a best in class solution for monitoring broadband cable networks.  Capable of monitoring millions of devices, it guarantees maximum performance and availability. ServAssure Advanced correlates and analyzes DOCSIS traffic and connectivity to create a unique measurement of the customer experience and service quality and availability. 

Solution components

Integrated Network Control and Analysis
ServAssure Advanced features a suite of applications that enable broadband service providers to manage and control CableLabs® DOCSIS services, bandwidth, and devices on broadband networks while speeding deployment of new IP services. With patented "finger-printing" and normalization technology, ServAssure Advanced offers complete data collection capability with multiple vendors and support for multiple DOCSIS standards. Also available as a hosted service for smaller to mid-size MSO's, ServAssure Advanced offers a comprehensive solution for network and DOCSIS device monitoring combined with flexible and efficient subscriber experience tracking, but with virtually no up-front hardware costs.

You choose the applications and platform options that address the challenges you face, enabling you to design a custom network and access network management solution to meet your specific needs. The following briefly describes the available ServAssure Advanced modular software:

DataAssure - monitors DOCSIS networks, reports on faults and performance, and uniquely provides expert recommendations regarding preventative maintenance actions. The X-Ray Service Analyzer feature of DataAssure isolates and resolves customer issues by providing real-time and historical data about DOCSIS customer premise equipment (CPE), supporting interfaces, and cable modem termination systems (CMTS).

DataAssure includes support for DOCSIS 3.0 and below Networks and Devices and with these capabilities enables you to more efficiently and effectively manage your DOCSIS® 3.0 infrastructure. Including simplification of business rules; providing you more agility in the marketplace and positioning you to quickly take advantage of new service opportunities. equipment (CPE), supporting interfaces, and cable modem termination systems (CMTS).

DataAssure includes a simplification of business rules; providing you more agility in the marketplace and positioning you to quickly take advantage of new service opportunities.

VoiceAssure - a complete VoIP service lifecycle management solution, from initial network analysis and optimization to on-going fault and performance management and capacity planning.

Bandwidth Usage Reporter - accurately identifies DOCSIS CPEs and reports and analyzes broadband consumption.

Topology Light - provides advanced insight into the unique experience of your customers by enabling you to layer subscriber and topology related information on top of the ServAssure Advanced infrastructure.

ServAssure Advanced Platform Options - designed to complement the DOCSIS and PacketCable™ Networks control and analysis features of the integrated ServAssure Advanced product suite.

How we help

  • Lower volume of calls into customer service
  • Fix plant issues before they became customer impacting
  • Reduce number of repeat truck rolls
  • Improve on-time performance and quality of technician visits

How we work

ARRIS leverages a development operations (DevOps) approach to infuse its software solutions with the highest possible quality, while speeding the delivery of new features and capabilities. By fostering a culture of constant communication throughout the product development lifecycle, DevOps helps us quickly identify, reduce, diagnose and overcome issues to significantly reduce failure rates in the field and their impacts on our customers. As part of this approach, our managed release process also enables us to introduce new features on a consistent basis, build customer feedback into our solutions throughout the development process and ensure that our software is stringently tested under real-world conditions - before deployment.

 TECHNICAL TRAINING - browse available ServAssure Advanced Training in the ARRIS Training Catalog.

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