Smart Media Devices

Smart Media Devices

Change the way entertainment and home services are delivered with voice-visual assistant, media player and IoT enabled multi-function devices

Smart Media Devices (SMD) change the way people enjoy their entertainment, obtain information, and interact with their connected home, through a more seamless integrated consumer experience.

By combining multiple devices in one, the Smart Media Device reduces clutter and the number of Wi-Fi devices in the home. It provides for greater cross-service delivery flexibility with improved economics than that of multiple individual devices.

Media Player

Deliver all the content your customers want: live TV, OTT and on-demand with a consistent experience, including search functionality that works across all media sources.

Voice-visual Assistant

Far-field microphones and speakers support  familiar Voice Assistant services, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, with enhanced visual engagement through the TV, as well as operator specific services such as a Voice Remote Control.

Turn on the TV, change channels, or search for content by just asking. The speaker allows Voice Assistant functions to work without the TV being switched on.

TVs are generally placed in the most used areas of the home, an ideal location for Voice Assistants, making a combined device a natural fit.

Home IoT Hub

With one of the primary uses of Voice Assistants being controlling and managing home IoT services such as lighting and heating, the SMD becomes central to managing the home. Service Providers can offer Home Health, Home Network Security, Home Education and other Home orientated services.

Equipped with Bluetooth® LE for IoT device connectivity (Z-Wave®, Zigbee radios optional).

Multiple HDMI Inputs

With the SMD connected to the primary HDMI port on the TV, and with other home entertainment devices connected through the SMD, the Service Provider can become the aggregator of consumer entertainment and experiences in the home.

For example, when playing games on a game console, the user can use the Voice Assistant with visual overlays over the game. Reminders when operator's content is starting can be displayed in a pop-up box on the TV.

Rich UX and App Environment

High-performance processors, combined with a choice of versatile software platforms, including Android TV™, RDK and KreaTV®, enable service providers to innovate and differentiate their user experience.

By offering valued home services, the Smart Media Devices changes the business model for services providers, with an option for direct consumer purchase through retail channels.


Smart Media Devices

  • Multi-service IP video streaming
  • 4K UHD / HDR, HEVC
  • Voice Assistant enabled with integrated far-field microphones and speaker
  • Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth LE for remote and IoT devices
  • Android TV™, RDK and KreaTV™ compatible
  • Optional integrated 100W Soundbar and 200W subwoofer accessory
  • Optional 3 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI Output (ARC)
  • Optional TFT display and touch-sense control buttons

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