SECUREMEDIA® The Encryptonite ONE™ System

SECUREMEDIA® The Encryptonite ONE™ System

Award-winning, studio-approved, complete and unified content protection

ARRIS SECUREMEDIA® The Encryptonite ONE™ System is an open platform, DRM software system that secures broadcast, on-demand and download content delivered over IP networks to a variety of receiving devices including set-top boxes, home gateways, iOS devices, Android tablets and smartphones, connected TVs and BluRay players, streaming media players, game consoles and PCs/Macs.

To date, The Encryptonite ONE™ System has been licensed for deployment in Telco IPTV, cable TV, “over-the-top” Internet TV (OTT), digital terrestrial TV (DTT), hospitality entertainment and digital cinema operations.

Compared to other content security systems, The Encryptonite ONE™ System provides higher content security, lower cost of operation and greater operational flexibility.

The system combines respected public key cryptographic mathematics with industry-trusted algorithms to encrypt live and on-demand for the highest security and network transparency.

The Encryptonite ONE™ System also performs ongoing client authentication and clone detection to thwart the piracy common with smart card based security systems. As an all software solution with a modular system design,

The Encryptonite ONE™ system can be updated as needed with a substitution of server components or an over-the-network update of the client.


  • Patented High security Indexed Encryption™ process encrypts each data sample (i.e. frame or adaptive chunk) uniquely and maintains persistent content encryption in delivery and storage
  • Patented key delivery method protects decryption keys and separates them from encrypted content and rights delivery
  • The patented key delivery method enables multiple deployment scenarios, including centralized key management for multiple affiliate storefronts vending encrypted content and rights
  • Dynamic device registration, authentication, clone detection and authorization via the Encryptonite ONE™ System Access Manager
  • ARRIS SECUREMEDIA® iDetect™ tamper detection supports disablement of decryption process if blacklisted software components are detected on the user’s device
  • Continuous provisioning of secure communications channels from Encryptonite servers to Encryptonite clients thereby protecting content requests, rights delivery, system messages, and updates
  • Secure offline content playback and rights management even through device power cycles
  • Encryption, rights enablement and key delivery can be done in single or separate locations


Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Award-winning proven and approved content and revenue protection technology for operators worldwide
  • Open platform, software-based DRM system to leverage the power and capability in today's hardware platforms and networks, (xDSL, FTTx, cable, satellite and OTT distribution systems) providing the highest content security with efficient, low cost operation
  • Unified encryption, rights management and access control for broadcast and VOD content delivered over wired and wireless networks to the widest variety of receiving devices
  • Advanced content protection beyond digital rights management includes device authentication and registration, data obfuscation, tamper detection and clone detection
  • Approved by Hollywood and International studios as well as leading broadcast networks for secure video delivery

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