TMX-2010 Transport Multiplexer

TMX-2010 Transport Multiplexer

Mux, stat-mux, encapsulation for the ARRIS Modular Uplink System

The TMX-2010 is a key part of the Modular Uplink System used for secure satellite and fiber transmission of video services. The TMX-2010 performs multiplexing, stat-mux, data encapsulation, and encoder and uplink redundancy management.

The TMX-2010 accepts MPEG packetized transport streams carrying MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or HEVC compressed services and multiplexes these streams into CBR or stat-muxed multi-program transport stream outputs.


  • MPEG Service Multiplexing and Stat Mux
  • Supports both DCII QPSK and DVB-S2 8PSK modulation topologies
  • Supports use with SE-1010/SE-2000 MPEG-2 encoders, SE-6000 MPEG-4 encoders, SE-7100 HEVC encoders
  • Modular Chassis Design

 TECHNICAL TRAINING - browse available TMX-2010 Training in the ARRIS Training Catalog.

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