VIP1002 Mediaroom® Set-Top

VIP1002 Mediaroom® Set-Top


A compact, superior and cost-effective HDTV IP set-top, the VIP1002E/F offers consumers rich home entertainment experiences with crystal-clear HD picture and surround sound. It supports the latest advanced IPTV capabilities and features, such as electronic program guides (EPGs), multicast TV, VOD and digital video scaling and hardware support for picture-in-picture, as well as DVR-like functionality.

Operators can effectively compete with traditional TV broadcasters while bringing down the cost of delivering compelling, next-generation HD IP video experiences utilizing ARRIS's set-tops.

Using the VIP1002E/F, network operators can easily expand their subscriber base, increase customer satisfaction and grow their average revenue per user.


  • Digital TV functionality, high-quality broadcast TV and interactive EPG
  • Two-way IP capabilities to support multiple interactive TV applications, such as video/TV on demand, nPVR with time-shift and catch-up TV
  • Built-in flash memory buffer enables DVR-like pause/rewind live TV functionality
  • Digital video scaling and hardware support for picture-in-picture

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