WorkAssure® Field Solutions

WorkAssure® Field Solutions

Software portfolio for streamlined operations and delighted customers

The WorkAssure portfolio provides field management software and services uniquely tailored to deliver high quality customer experiences and streamlined field operations for service providers.

WorkAssure consists of four products that can be deployed together or independently:

Implementing WorkAssure Field Solutions results in increased customer satisfaction through on-time, narrower appointment windows and improved technician availability for enhanced customer service and productivity.

WorkAssure enhances Service Provider field operations efficiency by reducing unnecessary truck rolls and unnecessary customer calls, by improving work order quality and giving the call center better visibility of technician status.

ARRIS offers a range of professional services to help Service Providers implement and optimize WorkAssure products into their field operations including integration into existing systems, hosted options, system modeling and process improvement.


Subscriber benefits

  • Narrower arrival windows
  • Improved on-time arrivals
  • Reduced calls for arrival or follow-up
  • Improved and accelerated first-time resolution

Field operations benefits

  • Reduced “customer not home” appointments
  • More jobs per technician resulting in reduced cost per job
  • Improved work order quality
  • Reduced repeat service calls
  • Reduced service calls after installs
  • Fewer truck rolls
  • Reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Automated quota from technician schedules
  • Prioritizing labor to fulfil highest value work first
  • Improved long term planning
  • More accurate resource plans

Call center benefits

  • Reduced calls into the call center
  • Low dispatch effort
  • Improved call center efficiency

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