WorkAssure® Arrival

WorkAssure® Arrival

Real-time subscriber updates of field service personnel arrivals

“Last mile” subscriber experience optimization

WorkAssure Arrival software is a system that notifies subscribers of their field service appointments through Interactive voice response (IVR), email, or text messages - along with providing valuable back end support. It works as a part of WorkAssure Field Solutions, or it can easily integrate, as a stand-alone product, with existing and customized workforce management systems.


WorkAssure Arrival reduces the load on call centers from customers requesting the time of technician arrival at their home. It provides customers a greater sense of personal security by providing technician identification in advance. It also gives supervisors visibility of current and past technician locations.

  • Reduced calls for technician arrival or follow-up
  • Subscriber technician map tracking tool
  • Increase sense of security with technician identification and photo
  • Reduced “customer not home” appointments
  • Reduced calls into the call center


WorkAssure Arrival delivers customer experience improvements through:

  • "Last mile" reminders
  • Phone, email and text message communication options
  • Real time updates on ETA
  • Ability to view the technician en route
  • Increased sense of security with technician photo

WorkAssure Arrival improves call center operations through:

  • Reduction of calls for technician time of arrival estimates
  • Reduced wait times and increased time spent on revenue generation
  • More efficient overall call center operations
  • Improved dispatcher to technician ratio

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