WorkAssure® Perform

WorkAssure® Perform

Improving field service quality and on-time rates

Field service optimization

WorkAssure Perform software provides interfaces for dispatchers (console) and technicians (mobile) that can be used on their favorite web browser.

The system enables the creation of custom work flows to ensure that business standards and objectives are met. Its focus on exceptions enables the dispatcher to quickly identify and resolve issues. It works as a part of WorkAssure Field Solutions, or it can easily integrate, as a stand-alone product, with existing and customized billing, fleet management and resource planning systems.

Within the technician’s mobile interface, the House Check feature requires the technician to take and record measurements to ensure the devices installed within the customer's home meet standards set by the business.


WorkAssure Perform improves the quality of work performed by field technicians and reduces the dispatch to technician ratio – improving overall efficiency.

  • Exception management
  • Custom workflows
  • Simplified navigation
  • Messaging
  • Technician assistance

WorkAssure Perform Console is an intuitive interface that helps dispatchers:

  • Focus on exceptions -- jobs that need attention
  • Monitor performance
  • Quickly assign work
  • Use messaging to reduce calls to dispatch from technicians
  • See exactly what the technician sees and the rules they are following – using the "Dispatch Assisting Technician" feature

WorkAssure Perform Mobile is the intuitive interface that helps field technicians:

  • Review, update and close work orders
  • Add or swap equipment
  • Review work order details and history
  • Move truck inventory
  • Re-estimate work order duration time
  • Add consumable supplies (e.g. connectors, splitters)
  • Mark work orders complete
  • Capture customer signatures


  • Customizable workflows that can prevent technicians from closing work orders until measurements of signal strength, for example, of current or newly installed equipment are in range
  • Messaging
  • Templates for auto-fill of work order information
  • Browser-based tool
    • No download required
    • Runs on any modern web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari)
    • All users on the same tool
  • Offline capabilities

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