ZS4100 Zapper Satellite Set-Top

ZS4100 Zapper Satellite Set-Top

DVB-S2, AVC, HD Set-Top with optional 802.11n Wi-Fi

The ZS4100 is a small-form satellite AVC (H.264) set-top box solution for lower-cost but still high-performance DVB operations. The product uses the latest silicon technology to reduce size and power consumption while increasing processing. It is capable of functioning as a stand-alone device or, via its networking as part of a connected home network.

High Performance

A class-leading Broadcom processor delivers impressive performance over previous generations of devices whilst reducing power. Its high-capability CPU lends itself to hybrid broadcast and interactive operations and the processor is capable of supporting all modern security architectures (CAS and DRM). A flexible memory configuration supports a rich software experience and, finally, highly-sensitive broadcast tuners make for high reliability in challenging signal conditions.

High Connectivity

The ZS4100 integrates USB 2.0 and fast (10/100) Ethernet for the connection of peripherals and networking.

Optional Modules

The unit supports an optional IEEE 802.11n dual-frequency MIMO Wi-Fi block for wireless networking or can interface via its built-in fast Ethernet to external networking such as PLC. These ARRIS-supplied modules are designed to build into an attractive and complimentary stack of components, allowing operators to extend ARPU in a staged manner.


  • High-definition small-form STB solution
  • Integrated DVB-S/S2 tuner/demodulator
  • Full range of HD and SD video formats up to 1080p60
  • HDMI 1.4™
  • Compliant with EU power consumption regulations
  • Range of middleware options available
  • Range of conditional access options available including pre-integration with Titanium and Cisco Videoguard
  • Industry-standard DRM support including pre-integration with Microsoft® PlayReady®
  • Product Options
    • 2×2 dual-band selectable IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi
    • Range of analogue outputs
    • HEVC processor (ARRIS ZS4300)
    • Wide L-band tuner 250...2350 MHz

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